Education for Africa’s purpose

Education for Africa is a non-profit organisation that works with governments, civil society and the private sector to support all elements that improve education. With offices based in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi, our mission is to support education in marginalised communities.

Every donation we receive will directly help with programs like the ones mentioned below. We can only continue to continue providing this support through people like you.

Our achievements

School feeding program

We have successfully set up the school feeding program in Kenya. This provided students with a nutritious lunch every day which they may have normally had to live without. This has massive benefits for underprivileged students:

  • Increased concentration and performance
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lower drop-out rates
  • Preventing malnutrition
  • Supports local farmers

This program was achieved through donations and with your support we hope to introduce more school meal programs throughout Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania in the near future.

Student scholarship in Nairobi in 2020

The first year of this program helped 50 students from marginalised communities. Sponsorship allowed for these students to progress with their education where they would otherwise not have the financial support.

  • Focuses on students in extreme poverty
  • Students supported to finish secondary and tertiary levels of education

Qurbani Program 2020

Educ4africa provided fresh meat for a rural isolated community, to allow isolated members of society to participate in the Islamic celebration. This is very important to improve community engagement and participate in such an important religious tradition.

Clean Water Structures

Without access to fresh clean water, communities are unlikely to break the cycle of poverty. Drinking contaminated water creates exposure to many water-borne diseases. Education for Africa has provided well and boreholes for the less fortunate societies in Africa, so these communities now experience increased school attendance, less time spent travelling for water and less illness.

Ready to donate?

Any size donation will allow to continue our projects like those mentioned above. The work we do can really affect students who are underprivileged or from socially excluded communities.

For more information about the charity see here, contact us at [email protected].