Help African schools to educate the most harshly affected members of communities. This charity helps children who are struggling with nutrition, equipment shortages, and access to good education.

Education for Africa (EFA) promotes education for socially excluded pupils and communities in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. We focus on a few key impacts of education in these isolated areas such as financial support, clean water, mentorship and school meals.

Every child deserves an education, and with you can give a student a brighter future, a chance to escape the poverty trap and the tools to enjoy their education.

What your donations contribute to

Education for Africa addresses many of the most influential factors affecting a potential student in a marginalised community.

Provision of scholarships – Students with financial constraints and extreme poverty can have access to education.

School feeding program – Having meals provided in the day increases attendance and concentration, making education systems more effective at providing valuable learning environments.

Infrastructure support – Your donations influence the ability for effective teaching through providing:

  • Classrooms,
  • Computers,
  • Laboratory equipment,
  • Textbooks, and
  • Sports equipment.

Mentoring – Allowing underprivileged students to gain access to invaluable guidance and support from professionals.

Sponsoring orphans – Often more likely to leave school, sponsorship through OFA can provide support for tuition fees, healthcare and food. $75 can sponsor an orphan’s school fees for a whole year, giving them the chance of a better future.

Water development projects – Of the world’s population without access to clean water, 40% live in Sub Saharan Africa according to Global Citizen, so creating structures for water is extremely important.

Qurbani program – This allows those most disadvantaged to access fresh meat during the Islamic celebration.

Education for Africa (AFA) aims to expand and help even more communities throughout Africa, and your donations are the foundation of this progress.

How to Donate

To help improve students’ education from marginalised communities in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi, please consider donating.

For more information on our African projects click here.

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