Provision of Scholarships

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EFA provides scholarships to needy students in marginalised communities in Kenya. Most students from these communities have lost precious opportunities to further their education due to financial constraints. This is rampant especially at the Secondary and Tertiary institution levels. Furthermore, extreme poverty coupled with absence of parents have made it completely difficult if not impossible for bright but needy students to proceed with their education. In this respect, we offer scholarships to students in Secondary Schools, Teacher Training Colleges and other Tertiary institutions that offer vocational training to both boys and girls from marginalised communities in these Countries.

In the picture above, the beneficiaries of the EFA scholarship programmes are participating in the inter-students’ football tournament to keep them healthy and fit. Academics are related to the ability of the brain to capture, store and process information, hence we encourage our beneficiaries to participate in sport activities. When they get motivated, definitely they will do well in academics.

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