Our Board of Trustees have the sole responsibility to make sure the charity complies all the rules and regulations in the UK. The Board is responsible for setting and reviewing our strategic direction. They also keep their undivided attention to the way the charity resources are distributed. In short, they direct, govern, and oversee all of our charity functions. Our CEO and management team are also accountable to them.

They also guarantee not only that our work complies with the UK regulations but they actively engage the workforce, suppliers and funders to conduct our business of helping people in a transparent and accountable way.

Meet our Education for Africa (EFA) board of directors:

Mr. Mohamoud Hassan (the chair)

Mohamoud is one of our founding members and our first chair of the board of trustees since 2019. He graduated from the University of Westminster with Business Hons degree and later completed his Urban Regeneration Master’s degree at the London South Bank university in 2017. Mohamoud is a veteran in the voluntary sector since the early 1990s. He co-founded and worked for several charities that include Somali Community Development Trust. He currently works as a Community Development Coordinator at St Pancras & Somers Town Living Centre. He joined Education for Africa’s Board of Trustees solely to give back to our vulnerable communities in general and to those in East Africa in particular.

Mr. Abdulkadir Yassin Hassan (treasurer)

Abdulkadir is one of the founding members of the charity. Businessman and entrepreneur who established many retail businesses in the fields of food, meat and poultry. Abdulkadir likes farm industry as he keeps a camel, back home, he also visits Kenya regularly where he has seen the struggle of many pupils and their families to attain quality education for a better future.

Mrs. Ayan Ali (secretary)

Ayan is a new but energetic member of the board. Ayan is a Psychology & Criminology graduate with a particular interest in charity work, education and children’s emotional wellbeing. She is also a proud mother of two, a community worker, a Primary School Safeguarding Governor and an entrepreneur.

Ayan has a strong passion for serving disadvantaged communities and empowering women by removing barriers that are stopping them from achieving their full potential.