Who We Are

Education for Africa (EFA) is a non-profit organization registered in the UK and with partner organizations in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi to promote education among the marginalized and socially excluded communities in these Countries.

It is dedicated to working with governments, Civil Society as well as the private sector in support of education through merit-based scholarships, school feeding program and infrastructural development


Our Objective

The main objective of EFA’s existence is to advance education of socially excluded pupils in Africa. This is achieved through the provision of merit-based Scholarships, school feeding programs as well as infrastructural support by building classrooms, providing computers, sports kits, textbooks, and other equipment. Through a social inclusion process, EFA will oversee an all-inclusive and participatory selection process through which potential beneficiaries will be taken through a rigorous process before settling on the finalists.

Mission Statement

Education for Africa Limited exists to support education of the marginalized communities in Africa by starting from a few Countries namely Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi and thereafter extending to other African Countries depending on the availability of funds.